• Know on an ongoing basis which products are profitable and which ones aren’t
  • Get paid on time as you complete the job
  • Avoid working on projects where progress payments are behind

Track revenues and costs by job or project (contractors, landlords, attorneys, etc.) in order to:

Figure your profit on a cash or accrual basis so you pay the lowest taxes
  • Know when it’s the right time to grow
  • Know when it’s the right time to hold back
  • Plan accurately for taxes
  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your year-end tax return
  • Comply with the reporting requirements of any business loan
  • Respond immediately to any supplier’s or customer’s request for financial information

Learn how much profit you've made and what your business is worth each month in order to:

  • Send out customer statements on time so you can get paid
  • File all customer invoices so that nothing gets lost
  • Track late payments in order to resolve these problems quickly
  • Ensure that you stop serving customers who aren’t paying their bills
  • Safeguard good customer relations by properly recording all payments
  • Accurately calculate interest, and collect it from overdue accounts
  • Reduce the need to borrow money due to poor cash flow
  • Ensure that you don’t lose sales because items are out-of-stock
  • Avoid rush delivery charges to obtain out-of-stock items
  • Stop wasting money buying more of what isn’t selling
  • Set your sales prices based on profit instead of conjecture
  • Concentrate on selling the most profitable items instead of the easiest ones
  • Identify profitable cross-selling opportunities
  • Avoid selling products at a loss because you don’t take markdowns on time
  • Know which money-making product lines to expand, and which ones to drop because they’re money-losers
  • Discover theft before it becomes a problem
  • Never pay a bill twice by mistake
  • Never lose a discount by paying a vendor late
  • Reduce the need to borrow by planning for your payment due dates
  • Maintain your good credit rating and keep your borrowing costs low
  • Obtain better credit terms based on your good payment history
  • Know how much payroll and sales taxes you owe, in order to avoid penalties and interest
  • Never write a bad check
  • Never pay another bad check service charge
  • Make sure all your cash receipts are credited to your account
  • Know when you have excess cash so that you can put it to work
  • Track your expenses in detail so you know which ones can be reduced
  • Never spend beyond your budget
  • Get the maximum tax deductions for the expenses of running your business

Make & Save Money:

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  • Know what it costs to make each item
  • Set a selling price to cover your costs and achieve a fair profit
  • Know what product lines to expand because they’re profitable
  • Know what product lines to drop because they’re money-losers

If you manufacture or assemble products (machine shops, bakeries, clothing manufacturers, etc.):

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